Lemon the Jaerhorn


A friend of mine had to get rid of some chickens. I had most of the breeds she needed to rehome, but I didn’t have a jaerhorn. Isn’t she pretty? Because we name all of our chickens after chicken-based cuisine, her name is Lemon. Get it? Lemon chicken?

Wikipedia says this about jaerhorns:

The Norwegian Jærhøne (Norske Jærhøns) or Jaerhon, is a breed of chicken from Norway. It was developed in the 1920s from native stock around the town of Stavanger on the southern Atlantic coast of Norway. The breed was first imported to North America in 1994 by Dr Bjorn Netland in Washington state. Jaerhons are small, hardy, and active birds that can fly well. Hens don’t tend to go broody, and can wear themselves out by laying lots of large white eggs. The standard cock is 5 pounds, and the hen can weigh 3.5 pounds. There are two standard varieties: dark and light (brown-yellow and yellow-brown), and the color patterns are unique for this breed.

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