One Week Sugar Free for Becky

If it took hours to prepare, the calories don't count. Right?
If it took hours to prepare, the calories don’t count. Right?

I normally don’t like to write about diets. The info is everywhere, and is so overdone. It’s hard to know which direction to follow. There are a few things I firmly believe about diet, though, and urban farming fully supports those beliefs. Plus, I’ve entered a contest! Of the two blogs I have, this post would definitely go here. Having an urban farm is one of the best strategies I have for success in this contest.

My author persona has another author friend, who also has a diet blog. Through the miracle of social networking, I found out about a little contest Becky Fyfe is hosting. She is giving up sugar, in addition to other unhealthy items, for a week, and has challenged us to do the same. She is also giving away a prize to all who join her.

Becky’s challenge to herself:

1 – She is giving up cookies, cakes, sweets, ice cream and all other sugar-filled desserts.

2 – She is giving up sugary cereals and will not be adding sugar to any of her food. 

And, she’s adding some additional changes to her challenge for the week, due to carbohydrates being so easily converted to sugar in the body.

3 – She is am giving up all bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, and everything made from them.

4 – She is am only allowing sweetener in her coffee and tea, and not adding artificial sweeteners to any of her other food.

5 – She will be blogging daily about how well or poorly she is doing without sugar and bread in her daily diet and the moods she is experiencing, which may or may not be a result of the dietary change.

6 – She will add, with each blog post, whether her weight has stayed the same, gone down or gone up and by how much.

Why yes, I did make those cream puffs with homegrown eggs. So they're healthy!
Why yes, I did make those cream puffs with homegrown eggs. So they’re healthy!

 I am a huge sugar addict. Huge. And though I try to justify it by making an organic carrot cake or custard with vanilla bean and home-raised duck eggs, it’s still sugar. Where I don’t imbibe with alcohol or coffee, I hit the sugar full-force. Organic and homegrown are just excuses. It’s still sugar.

Lately, I’ve been trying to solve some health issues that are, shall we say, inconvenient. Highly inconvenient. They just, plain, get in the way of all the things I’ve been trying to do. As an organic gardener and homesteader, I know the value of non-GMO foods, and the effects of dietary intolerances. So this was obviously my first step.

 Four reasons the urban farm helps me win the challenge:

 There’s a zucchini in the garden that will be the size of a baseball bat tomorrow. If you don’t eat it, perfectly good food goes to waste. Look how hard you worked for that food!

 Egg whites, egg whites, egg whites. Ok, so there are only so many egg whites I can take. I really don’t like them, unless they are mixed with a lot of veggies and salsa. But I get over a dozen eggs a day from my back yard, if I can break my dog’s habit of sneaking into the chicken coop. Egg yolks to the dogs (as a reward for not eating them out of the coop) and whites for me.

 Go weed the garden, already! There’s so much work to do out there. What are you doing in the kitchen, right next to that cake? Get outside and pull some purslane!

 Juice! I want carrots, and beets, and peaches, and apples, and ginger… and it’s all so sweet when it comes out of the juicer. Who needs added sugar? Plus, my chickens love the juicer tailings.

Strawberries. Only strawberries.
Strawberries. Only strawberries.

Oh, and another thing that’s going to help me win the challenge: my son agreed to celebrate his birthday in a week, when his sister will be home from camp. His birthday is today. I’d have to refuse all of the cake I make for him.

I will be following Becky’s challenge, except for a few augmentations. First of all, I use protein drinks in my juice, and after workouts. These have artificial sweeteners. I also might grab a Diet Pepsi or two if I really need a treat. Also, I won’t be blogging daily. I’ll leave that up to Skinny Dreaming. I will, however, give up all grains and potatoes for the week, and anything made with gluten. I’m already gluten-free for 20 days, and feeling no pain. (Literally. We could go there. We won’t.)

Are you in for the challenge? Go here to read about it. There’s a cookbook up for grabs as a prize!

Sweet and Sugar Free Cookbook

6 thoughts on “One Week Sugar Free for Becky

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  1. I find myself envious of your farm foods! (I ate way more eggs today than I normally would. Mainly because I didn’t go shopping until this evening and I didn’t have anything that qualified as healthy in my house.) So glad you are joining in! Most people are just giving up sugar for the week to join. 🙂

      1. Yah, here too. I think my sugar cravings on Day Two and today (Day Three) are worse, but I am not giving in. I know I can manage a full week sugar-free; I know it. (Even toast is calling to me.)

      2. It’s nice to just not have any of those items in the house, so I have to make an effort to leave the house and get them, or to gather ingredients and buy them. But the more family members you have, the harder that is to control. Especially when they’re old enough to buy their own food.

    1. I did! Thank you! Whenever we go to church functions, the gluten-free families have to make sure we bring something for our kids to eat. This was how I made the gluten-free people feel special for having the best dessert on the table. It was done by creating a stencil, then dusting it with cocoa powder.

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