Blue Jade Corn

Fresh Blue Jade corn. Aren't the little ears so cute?
Fresh Blue Jade corn. Aren’t the little ears so cute?

Today I arrived back from my vacation, and harvested my Blue Jade corn. I was worried that my corn would pass its prime while I was in Idaho, and it did. It was still edible, but a bit chewy and starchy. But it sure looked beautiful roasted up!

Blue Jade is one of the rare heirloom sweet corns available. It’s a dwarf variety, suitable for containers, reaching about 4 foot tall at the tallest. Though the Seed Savers website said this variety bears 3-6 miniature ears per stalk, I only got 1-2. The kernels, which are steel blue at maturity, turn jade green when boiled.

Photo from Seed Savers Exchange:
Photo from Seed Savers Exchange:

You can preview and purchase Blue Jade corn at Seed Savers’ Exchange.

Since I prefer baking my corn on the cob, I wondered if the corn would retain its color if baked. Most vegetables lose at least some color when boiled in water (and some vitamins, as well.) Not only did it retain all its color, but the blue intensified. It’s beautiful.

Missy’s Baked Corn on the Cob:

  1. Shuck an ear of fresh sweet corn
  2. Roll the ear in softened butter. For extra flavor, you can mix herbs such as fresh pressed garlic, or anything from your spice cupboard, in the butter.
  3. Wrap the cob in aluminum foil, the same way you would wrap a baked potato.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for at least 30 minutes, but no more than an hour.
  5. Allow to cool before serving. These retain their heat very well.

Since they retain heat so well, they are perfect for taking to picnics. I have baked corn, tossed it in a paper bag, and served it warm two hours later. Baked corn on the cob retains and enhances the sweetness of the kernel, plus it allows you to add different seasonings.

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