Greetings from Idaho!

Greetings from Idaho, where over half of the backyards have gardens, people drive old cars so they can live in real houses, and communities still pray for rain. We're back home for a week! Both of us grew up in Idaho, and we're here for weddings and family reunions. Check back next week, when we're back... Continue Reading →


Blogging for Backyard Poultry

We have an announcement! In a few weeks, Ames Family Farm will begin blogging for Backyard Poultry Magazine! The first blog post is scheduled to appear the week of August 12th. This is a dream come true for us, and a huge step toward both our urban farming identity and Marissa Ames' author identity. Feel... Continue Reading →

One Week Sugar Free for Becky

I normally don’t like to write about diets. The info is everywhere, and is so overdone. It’s hard to know which direction to follow. There are a few things I firmly believe about diet, though, and urban farming fully supports those beliefs. Plus, I’ve entered a contest! Of the two blogs I have, this post... Continue Reading →

Lemon the Jaerhorn

A friend of mine had to get rid of some chickens. I had most of the breeds she needed to rehome, but I didn't have a jaerhorn. Isn't she pretty? Because we name all of our chickens after chicken-based cuisine, her name is Lemon. Get it? Lemon chicken? Wikipedia says this about jaerhorns: The Norwegian Jærhøne (Norske... Continue Reading →

Three Days of Rain

We don't get rain very often, so we sure welcome it.  As long as the ambient temperature is over 38 degrees, the seedlings stay outside and soak up the nitrogen.  Some of my plants have doubled in the past three days!  

Weekly garden pic: Newborn beet seedlings, colorful in the spring sunshine.

Egg Crates and Chickens

Two pics today... A year ago, friends donated so many egg crates that they piled up in brown paper bags.  I wondered if I'd ever get through them all.  A week ago, I had to buy egg crates.  Now I just need an "Ames Family Farm" label for them. And aren't these chickens wild?  They... Continue Reading →

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