What are GMOs?

What are GMOs? Are you avoiding them because someone said they’re bad, or do you actually know what they entail? The Issue of Misinformation Did you know you can now buy GMO-free hummus? When I saw the ad, I gave my husband a funny look. “Does hummus even contain GMO products?” I’ve written articles on... Continue Reading →

What’s Up?

Almost three years after the blog began, Ames Family Farm is moving into the future.

It’s Time to Think about Garlic!

I’ve already blogged about one of the easiest crops to grow, Swiss chard. Now here’s the other: garlic. Cultivated since ancient times, garlic receives mention in the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament. Many cultures developed their own varieties, such as southern Europe, eastern Europe, and Asia. When I purchase garlic at the supermarket,... Continue Reading →

Blue Jade Corn

Today I arrived back from my vacation, and harvested my Blue Jade corn. I was worried that my corn would pass its prime while I was in Idaho, and it did. It was still edible, but a bit chewy and starchy. But it sure looked beautiful roasted up! Blue Jade is one of the rare... Continue Reading →

My $200 Chicken Coop

They call it chicken math. It’s basically the justification chicken lovers use when they buy more chicks. How many straight run chicks should you buy if you want eight laying hens? How much room do you need? Two square feet of space per chicken if the coop is only used for sleeping, 4 square feet... Continue Reading →

Three Days of Rain

We don't get rain very often, so we sure welcome it.  As long as the ambient temperature is over 38 degrees, the seedlings stay outside and soak up the nitrogen.  Some of my plants have doubled in the past three days!  

Weekly garden pic: Newborn beet seedlings, colorful in the spring sunshine.

Egg Crates and Chickens

Two pics today... A year ago, friends donated so many egg crates that they piled up in brown paper bags.  I wondered if I'd ever get through them all.  A week ago, I had to buy egg crates.  Now I just need an "Ames Family Farm" label for them. And aren't these chickens wild?  They... Continue Reading →

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