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The Puppy and the Toilet Brush

What’s the last present that brought you unlimited joy? Two weeks before Christmas, Russ and I climbed into the zombie truck and took a ride to Bishop, California. We aired up the tires, stashed emergency items under the seats, and … Continue reading

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2016 in a Chaotic Nutshell

Have you ever had a task you needed to do? And the more you put it off, the more it caused anxiety? Then months pass and you still haven’t done it? For me, that’s writing a blog post. I write … Continue reading

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Hearty Oat-Nut Flatbreads

This recipe came about when I was living off food storage for a month in order to get material for magazine articles. By day 15, all the store-bought bread, milk, and butter were long gone. Eggs would be, as well, … Continue reading

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Eat It Like You Grew It.

Originally posted on Finch Lee:
The modern world has gone insane. Atkins, Paleo, hCG. Is your head spinning yet? How do you eat to maintain optimal health? Trust Mother Nature! If you grew every item you consumed, she would align…

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Backyard Poultry: Taking a Village

Ames Family Farm’s first article is now live on Backyard Poultry Magazine’s blog! Here is a reprint of the article. To read other amazing articles, see the blog here… *** *** We don’t go anywhere. No, really. When clients ask … Continue reading

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