The Puppy and the Toilet Brush

What’s the last present that brought you unlimited joy? Two weeks before Christmas, Russ and I climbed into the zombie truck and took a ride to Bishop, California. We aired up the tires, stashed emergency items under the seats, and told people where we were going. A big storm was predicted for that weekend, clogging... Continue Reading →

2016 in a Chaotic Nutshell

Have you ever had a task you needed to do? And the more you put it off, the more it caused anxiety? Then months pass and you still haven’t done it? For me, that’s writing a blog post. I write almost daily, whether for Countryside or Backyard Poultry Magazines or one of my books. But... Continue Reading →

Hearty Oat-Nut Flatbreads

This recipe came about when I was living off food storage for a month in order to get material for magazine articles. By day 15, all the store-bought bread, milk, and butter were long gone. Eggs would be, as well, if I didn’t have chickens roaming my backyard. I needed bread for quick sandwiches to... Continue Reading →

Backyard Poultry: Taking a Village

Ames Family Farm's first article is now live on Backyard Poultry Magazine's blog! Here is a reprint of the article. To read other amazing articles, see the blog here... *** *** We don’t go anywhere. No, really. When clients ask if I work holidays, the answer is yes. Except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m home,... Continue Reading →

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