Marissa Ames

Missy at Grassroots

I’m an author, an urban farmer and homesteader, a massage therapist, a wife and mother, and an aid-worker in Africa. Not all in that order. I spend my free time eating lunch.

I’m editor of Goat Journal, contributor for Backyard Poultry Magazine and Countryside & Small Stock Journal, and I’m on the editorial team for Countryside Network. My focuses include gardening, small livestock, cheese-making and cooking, home canning, and budget-minded back-to-the-land living.

I am agricultural adviser to the humanitarian organization I Am Zambia, with the sub-focus She Talks to The World. We travel to Lusaka, Zambia twice a year to oversee an entrepreneurial girls’ school. Recently, the nonprofit purchased 20 acres of land, on which we need to build a school for surrounding villages in addition to a farm to feed the children and provide a cash crop to fund our efforts.

My current works in progress include:

Eat It Like You Grew It (working title), a nonfiction work which focuses on a natural miracle which presents the right foods, in the right quantities, within the right seasons…if you eat as if you produced it all yourself. Currently in research.

Apocalypse Rises (working title), a science fiction thriller trilogy about a homesteading mother who has to keep her family safe after domestic terrorists hide an aggressive prion disease within the nation’s food supply. Book one is currently out to beta readers.

On Wasted Land, a podcast focusing on little-known, and often-scary or amusing sides of homesteading. (Did you sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest foods but aren’t widely eaten in the US because they’re associated with poverty?) Date pending…

Oh yeah, and when I’m not doing that, I raise my family’s food, work as a massage therapist, and care for a husband and two teenagers (and three dogs, a whole flock of chickens and turkeys, some rabbits, pigs, goats…)

I welcome all (friendly) inquiries, ideas, and opinions. Message me at!

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  1. We live in Palomino Valley, have 5 five Mini Lamancha goats that we need to e-home asap. The two females that we started with are Registered, one doe is registry eligible and the other two are wethers. I’ve tried Facebook, flyer at the Feed Store, even CL which I will never do again. Any ideas, suggestions, do you know of anyone that would like to at least take in the females?
    James & Barbara

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