Backyard Poultry: Taking a Village

Ames Family Farm's first article is now live on Backyard Poultry Magazine's blog! Here is a reprint of the article. To read other amazing articles, see the blog here... *** *** We don’t go anywhere. No, really. When clients ask if I work holidays, the answer is yes. Except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m home,... Continue Reading →


Blogging for Backyard Poultry

We have an announcement! In a few weeks, Ames Family Farm will begin blogging for Backyard Poultry Magazine! The first blog post is scheduled to appear the week of August 12th. This is a dream come true for us, and a huge step toward both our urban farming identity and Marissa Ames' author identity. Feel... Continue Reading →

My $200 Chicken Coop

They call it chicken math. It’s basically the justification chicken lovers use when they buy more chicks. How many straight run chicks should you buy if you want eight laying hens? How much room do you need? Two square feet of space per chicken if the coop is only used for sleeping, 4 square feet... Continue Reading →

Closet Chicken

On Sunday, I found Strip the Turken lacerated all the way to the muscle.  I promptly brought her inside to suture, but by the time I locked the poultry up at 9pm, the wound had opened.  After suturing her again, we lined a small box with a towel, and rested it in the bottom of... Continue Reading →

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