Why Buying Ladybugs Won’t Control Aphids on Plants

Avoid the ladybug industry and cultivate a garden that welcomes them and encourages them to hang out.

What are GMOs?

What are GMOs? Are you avoiding them because someone said they’re bad, or do you actually know what they entail? The Issue of Misinformation Did you know you can now buy GMO-free hummus? When I saw the ad, I gave my husband a funny look. “Does hummus even contain GMO products?” I’ve written articles on... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Think about Garlic!

I’ve already blogged about one of the easiest crops to grow, Swiss chard. Now here’s the other: garlic. Cultivated since ancient times, garlic receives mention in the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament. Many cultures developed their own varieties, such as southern Europe, eastern Europe, and Asia. When I purchase garlic at the supermarket,... Continue Reading →

Today, I found this publication, which is nearly 100 years old!  Great information about true heirloom gardening. Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden As Recounted by Maxi'diwiac (Buffalo Bird Woman) (ca.1839-1932) of the Hidatsa Indian Tribe Originally published as Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians: An Indian Interpretation by Gilbert Livingstone Wilson, Ph.D. (1868-1930)

What’s the Big Deal about Heirlooms?

Each year, I see the sales ads: Heirloom tomatoes on sale, only $2.99/lb.  Customers flock to them.  The pictures show huge, lumpy, full-color tomatoes instead of the common round red variety.  Whole Foods staffs the produce department with sales people who can name off each variety they sell.  But many people think heirlooms are just... Continue Reading →

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