What’s Up?

Almost three years after the blog began, Ames Family Farm is moving into the future.


Blogging for Backyard Poultry

We have an announcement! In a few weeks, Ames Family Farm will begin blogging for Backyard Poultry Magazine! The first blog post is scheduled to appear the week of August 12th. This is a dream come true for us, and a huge step toward both our urban farming identity and Marissa Ames' author identity. Feel... Continue Reading →

Chard: Vegetable of The Apocalypse

“When the zombie apocalypse happens, don’t let me forget my chard seeds!”  My husband just raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s still growing out there?”  “It’s March, and the chard is already up!  Now I feel bad, because I was going to put potatoes there." Don’t worry… I can still plant potatoes there and grow... Continue Reading →

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