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What Is A Super Heinz Bet And How Does It Work?

Tote bets work a little bit different to normal odds offered by bookmakers online. For more details check out our guide here on Super Heinz bets. We also have a calculator on here to work on the winnings.

Yankee Bet Positives & Negatives + Cheaper than Lucky 15 – A yankee bet contains four fewer selections than a Lucky 15, so is cheaper to place. + Win and you are more likely to make a profit – If you win with a single selection on a Lucky 15 bet, you may not break even on the bet. Forecasts are bets on a single event that require the correct forecasting of the finishing order of the first two or three finishers in the event. Applying this to a real world example, a bettor may wish to place a double bet on the results of Newcastle v Everton and Watford v Fulham. They believe that Everton will beat Newcastle at odds of 5/1 and that Watford will beat Fulham at odds of 6/1. If the stake was £2 and both of these results were to come in, the bettor would make £84, a profit of £82 from that original £2 stake.

A Goliath Flag bet is a wager with 8 different selections and 303 total bets. A Super Heinz Flag bet is a wager with 7 different selections and 162 total bets. A Heinz Flag bet is a wager with 6 different selections and 87 total bets.

Because you have three doubles covering all possible combinations you only need two out of the three horses to win to get some kind of return. The simplest full cover bet is a Trixie which involves three selections. Yankee– A Yankee is 11 bets but based on four separate selections. These must include 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4 fold accumulator. For a pay-out from a Yankee you must get at least selections correct.

Yes, it is obvious, but this is a vital part to the bet as you need all your selections to come in, in order to receive a payout, unless you use the acca insurance promotional offer. Bet365 is known for having enhanced odds, especially when it comes to accumulators. Enhanced odds will allow you to maximise your winnings and walk away with more than you would normally if your acca is successful.

A Super Flag bet is a wager with 5 different selections and 46 total bets. A Flag bet is a wager with 4 different selections and 23 total bets. A Round Robin bet is a wager with 3 different selections and 10 total bets. The Alphabet Bet consists of 26 individual bets with six selections running in different races. The Union Jack Round Robin Bet consists of 80 individual bets with nine selections running in different races.

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