About Us!

Russ Missy Sept 2015

We used to be a four-person family, living in a two-bedroom house, a mile from downtown Reno, raising at least half of our food on 1/8 acre. Now we’re three people (my son graduated and moved away), living in a four-family homesteading commune of 130 acres in Fallon, Nevada.

Actually, my husband and I grew up in small Idaho towns.  We gardened, canned, raised our own meat…we knew how to operate a needle and thread to make our clothes last longer. Now, the ends still refuse to meet and we have two children of our own. We also have knowledge, relaxed municipal codes, and an amazing landlady who lets us utilize our tiny space.

Since we started Ames Family Farm, we’ve gained a small following and a larger reader base within Backyard Poultry Magazine and Countryside and Small Stock Journal. Marissa is now editor of Goat Journal and part of the Countryside Network editorial team. Currently we’re collaborating on several books and a podcast, in addition to trying to save the world one girl at a time in Africa. On the 130 acres of desert, we’re testing and learning about different permaculture methods to teach in Zambia.

Old habits are back in style, and now they have a new name: Urban Homesteading.  It’s more than a hobby to us. It’s how we make it work. And happily.  Care to join us?

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