Eat It Like You Grew It.

Finch Lee

The modern world has gone insane.

Atkins, Paleo, hCG. Is your head spinning yet? How do you eat to maintain optimal health? Trust Mother Nature! If you grew every item you consumed, she would align the priorities for you. Take a look:


greensThe Rundown: Greens fuel growth, protect our unborn children, and fight cancer. Nutritionists claim multivitamins are unnecessary if you eat a balanced diet with leafy greens.

Like You Grew It: Most greens can grow below freezing. Picked within 30 days of planting, lettuce produces until the hottest summer months. A 12-inch planter of loose-leaf lettuce can provide four large salads a week. Shallow roots thrive in just inches of soil, perfect for any gardener with a patch of sunshine. Swiss chard, the vegetable of the apocalypse, flourishes in the summer heat and still survives the winter. Dandelions and purslane, two of the most nutritious greens, are…

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