Yearning for Youth

Today started at 6:30am with, "Your goats are out and I've got to get to work." I'm exhausted. The doctor says I'm, "Farming too hard." But look how far we've come in the best 10 free no deposit!


The Puppy and the Toilet Brush

What’s the last present that brought you unlimited joy? Two weeks before Christmas, Russ and I climbed into the zombie truck and took a ride to Bishop, California. We aired up the tires, stashed emergency items under the seats, and told people where we were going. A big storm was predicted for that weekend, clogging... Continue Reading →

2016 in a Chaotic Nutshell

Have you ever had a task you needed to do? And the more you put it off, the more it caused anxiety? Then months pass and you still haven’t done it? For me, that’s writing a blog post. I write almost daily, whether for Countryside or Backyard Poultry Magazines or one of my books. But... Continue Reading →

What are GMOs?

What are GMOs? Are you avoiding them because someone said they’re bad, or do you actually know what they entail? The Issue of Misinformation Did you know you can now buy GMO-free hummus? When I saw the ad, I gave my husband a funny look. “Does hummus even contain GMO products?” I’ve written articles on... Continue Reading →

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