Duck Egg Flan

Not a traditional recipe, this easy flan recipe tastes more like crème brulee and satisfies some of the pickiest flan adversaries. This recipe is cross-posted from Backyard Poultry Magazine, where I blog about all things chicken-related. This is my go-to dessert recipe whenever I entertain friends who are unfamiliar with urban farming or backyard poultry.... Continue Reading →


Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Unfiltered apple cider vinegar, with the “mother” still in it, is expensive. But you can make it yourself! What you need: Apples Wide-mouth mason jars and rings Cheesecloth A warm location Sugar and/or storebought ACV to speed up the process, though these are not necessary First, cut up your apples.  But here’s a hint… you... Continue Reading →

Backyard Poultry: Taking a Village

Ames Family Farm's first article is now live on Backyard Poultry Magazine's blog! Here is a reprint of the article. To read other amazing articles, see the blog here... *** *** We don’t go anywhere. No, really. When clients ask if I work holidays, the answer is yes. Except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m home,... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Think about Garlic!

I’ve already blogged about one of the easiest crops to grow, Swiss chard. Now here’s the other: garlic. Cultivated since ancient times, garlic receives mention in the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament. Many cultures developed their own varieties, such as southern Europe, eastern Europe, and Asia. When I purchase garlic at the supermarket,... Continue Reading →

Seize the Season (with Smoothies)

This post is dedicated to Marla! It’s mid-August, and produce is at its peak. Sales are everywhere. Friends call you, asking you to come pick grapes and blackberries so they don’t go to waste. And you hate wasting food, but you have no time to can it. Plus, your kids are picky eaters. No problem.... Continue Reading →

Blue Jade Corn

Today I arrived back from my vacation, and harvested my Blue Jade corn. I was worried that my corn would pass its prime while I was in Idaho, and it did. It was still edible, but a bit chewy and starchy. But it sure looked beautiful roasted up! Blue Jade is one of the rare... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Idaho!

Greetings from Idaho, where over half of the backyards have gardens, people drive old cars so they can live in real houses, and communities still pray for rain. We're back home for a week! Both of us grew up in Idaho, and we're here for weddings and family reunions. Check back next week, when we're back... Continue Reading →

Blogging for Backyard Poultry

We have an announcement! In a few weeks, Ames Family Farm will begin blogging for Backyard Poultry Magazine! The first blog post is scheduled to appear the week of August 12th. This is a dream come true for us, and a huge step toward both our urban farming identity and Marissa Ames' author identity. Feel... Continue Reading →

One Week Sugar Free for Becky

I normally don’t like to write about diets. The info is everywhere, and is so overdone. It’s hard to know which direction to follow. There are a few things I firmly believe about diet, though, and urban farming fully supports those beliefs. Plus, I’ve entered a contest! Of the two blogs I have, this post... Continue Reading →

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